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Museo di San Leonardo


Open in 2000, S. Leonardo Museum sets along the matroneum (women gallery church) of the cloistered Benedictine nuns who lived in this religious place. This cultural context is peculiar because of the fact you can admire these works of art into the same place where the nuns ordered and used them. These objects are expression of an actual cultural and religious background at local level, national and international as well.Besides this group of religious art objects, the church dedicated to S. Leonardo hosts the Confraternity of S. Giuseppe. Thanks to this religious art tour since XVIth to XXI century through which you can see the forty- hours machine ( an altar), silver objects, crucifixes, reliquaries, coffin-covers, missals and more. Shadows and lights effects make this church-gallery more suggestive. A position from which you can enjoy a privileged view onto the whole church. Once, it was an exclusive place for the Benedictine black nuns who hidden behind the still evident gratings could catch believers’ gazes .

Where: via San Leonardo - 70043 Monopoli

Opening: Saturday  h 5.30 -7.00p.m.

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