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Giardino botanico Lama degli ulivi


The garden stretches on a 3 hectares area along a dry river- bed (a rift). There are more than 3000 plant species. Besides the typical flora of Apulian landscape (old-centuries olive trees, carob trees, fig trees, caper plants) and Mediterranean maquis, there are many scentes from all continents such as: baobab tree, buddleja davidii (known as the butterfly bush) from Central America, the walnut from Australia, the camphor tree from Asia. Along the path you can visit an ancient olive-oil mill carved into the rock and two rupestrian churches well frescoed; Santa Cecilia, that is the most important of the area and the other called Jacovella as well.



Where: c/o Vivai Stefano Capitanio - c.da Conghia, 298 - 70043 Monopoli
Opening: from Monday to Sunday
For booking tours contact: phone: +39 080801720

Because of availability reasons and tourist needs, the Mediterranean path must be booked 1 day before.

Tour duration: 2 h.
Price:4€ per person for a minimum of 5 people.