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Cripta della Cattedrale Romanica

The archeological site sets within the suggestive underground spaces of the Baroque Cathedral. Thanks to many renovation works, traces of huts dated to the Bronze Age, graves dated between the fifth and third century B.C., a medieval burial- yard and the Crypt  ruins of the Romanesque Cathedral were found. The exposition is made up of a rich collection of archeological finds, wonderful sculptures survived from the Romanesque Cathedral wrecking, a XVth century cross, statues and Crucifixes XIVth- XVIIIth dated that you can visit.

1, piazza Cattedrale- 70043 Monopoli

On Thursday, Saturday, Sunday h 7:00 alle 8:30p.m.

2 € per person
Guided tours in foreign languages are allowed.

“Pietre Vive”cultural association
 Mobile.  +39 3342631998  /  +39 3208635871