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Chiesa rupestre Madonna del Soccorso



Once, the Church looked out onto the inlet-port that was covered up by the Normans for safety reasons. At the entrance there is a sculpture made by Stefano da Putignano, dated back to the sixteenth century. This sculpture originally belonged to the church of S. Maria La Nova, destroyed during Duke del Vasto’s siege (1529). From the stairs, on the inside you can see a square-shaped room, divided into naos and bema on the right from a stone- septum, triforium, which is made up of two pillars and round arches. This worship place in the old center of the town belongs to two apses- rock churches that are very common locally. There is a fresco of Virgin Mary with the Child perhaps dated back to the thirteenth century. Recently, the whole church, that is very busy during the month of May (according to tradition, the month dedicated to Virgin Mary) was renovated.


madonna del soccorso


Fonte:Francesco Pepe, Monopoli città unica Guida Turistica e Culturale, Zaccaria Edizioni, Monopoli 1996
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