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Cripta di Santa Maria Amalfitana


It consists  of a big cave whose name derives from the Romanesque church built on in the middle of the eleventh century. Certainly, this is one of the oldest rupestrian churches in Monopoli, because it is a preexisting church instead of the current that was built on by a group of sailors from Amalfi who survived from a shipwreck thanks to Virgin Mary’s help, according to the tradition. The church has an only nave with a double apse. About frescoes, only a piece of the icon of S. Nicola with his life stories does remain. Other frescoes are dated back to the XVIIth century. Before the crypt you can find a burial-ground dated to undefined century. The church it’s widely believed to belong to western Christian architecture because of the fact that it isn’t divided into naos and bema.

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