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Chiesa di Santa Cecilia


The church of Santa Cecilia looks out onto the ravine that crosses the botanical garden. It has an only nave and originally had an iconostasis too. The church is one of the most important among the best known churches of Monopoli because of the richness of its frescoes, despite the fact they are in a state of ruin. In the apse Christ the Pantocrator is represented seated on a throne between Virgin Mary and S. Giovanni; on the walls, there are many Saints represented, instead of the naos where there are scenes about the martyr of S. Stefano and S. Lorenzo, Virgin Mary and Announciation, Visitation to S. Elizabeth, the Nativity with the arrival of Magi. The church is reported in the Bull of Pope Alessandro the IIIrd dated to 1180 in which all the churches of Monopoli are reported.

 The church is set within the botanical garden “Lama degli Ulivi” ("the rift of the olive trees") . You can reach it taking the county road Monopoli- Alberobello; follow the road sign “Cristo delle Zolle” 3 km far from Monopoli.

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