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Chiesa rupestre S. Matteo dell’Arena


S. Matteo dell'Arena

The rupestrian Church S. Matteo dell’Arena is placed in the moat of the perimeter walls; it is so called because once the sea reached this place. According to Finamore Pepe, it was a temple dedicated to Neptune. By the time, it became a warehouse. Renovation works allowed studies about the church, despite the fact three entrances on the side towards the sea weren’t found yet. It has an irregular four-sided plan. On the inside, it has two naves which the largest one is built in correspondence with the apse. The altar placed into the apse consists of a stone parallelepiped. Many frescoes still left.


Fonte: Centri Antichi in provincia di Bari, CRSEC, Levante Editori-Bari

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