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Insediamenti rupestri
Cripta di San Leonardo


From the monastery close to the church you can reach the rupestrian crypt, nowadays dedicated to S. Leonardo. However, according to many scholars it was dedicated to S. Angelo or S. Benedetto de Grecis or S. Ciriano. According to Nardelli, the church is believed to be dedicated to S. Michele worship, in which the apostle Pietro could have preached when he landed in Puglia, during his journey to Rome. The only- nave church has an irregular layout that ends with a single apse in which a stone altar is placed. In the apse, Deesis, Christ enthroned between Virgin Mary and St. John and two saints are represented whereas on the right side there is an Archangel. Christ Pantocrator, seated on a throne in the act of blessing in the Greek manner holds in his left hand the Gospels book. The church is believed to be a funerary chapel because of the presence of arcosolium graves. According to Latin inscriptions and paintings, the church is dated back to the thirteenth century.

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