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Chiesa e casale rupestre di Lamalunga


We have no certain information about the name of the church, best- known to be the church of Masseria Lamalunga whose name derives from the rift in which it is placed. It is believed to be a small village, perhaps for hermit reasons, made up of a small church cave and three large caves used as habitation and other activities.

The church- cave is an interesting jewel. Despite the fact it is very small, it contains many remarkable frescoes that are going to be in a state of ruin. The only- nave church is divided into naos and bema with an apse in which frescoes about Deesis and two bishops and symbols of Tetramorfh are represented.

Within the bema the frescoes represent: S. Vito and three anonymous Saints.

Within the naos, there are Enthroned Virgin and Annunciation. Probably, the church is dated back to the tenth and twelth century.



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