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Both in the town and 99 country-districts, bakers, dairymen and farmers transform land fruits into simple, tasty and fragrant products. Olive oil is the common denominator of the various dishes. With its intense flavour and its smell, it enriches any taste without covering it. Among the first courses, orecchietta is the queen. With turnip tops or traditional ragù ( meat), it creates indissoluble duos. The tiella (whose name echoes back to the Spanish domination) with rice, potatoes and mussels deserves also a special mention. Among the second courses, braciole alla barese are particularly appreciated; stuffed vela rolls flavoured with parsley, sheep milk cheese and pepper, they are cooked a slowly with tomato sauce an spices. In a land where the sun shines most of the year, vegetables production stands in a preeminent position. Celery, chard, chicory are served with mashed broad beans, lampascioni, cucumbers and barattini. Other typical dishes are sea starters both raw or cooked ones, fish soups, bread and its varieties like the frisedda, focaccia, calzone with onions, taralli. Then there are plenty of dairy products such as: cacio ricotta, mozzarella, burrata and ricotta forte to be spread on toasted bread.