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Civilta' del mare



There is a Monopoli made up of feasts, processions and rites that survive within the white hidden houses of the old town; a town of chants and prayers passed on generations. An incredible, rich and vital heritage of traditions and customs whose origins are very ancient. Habits and customs, aesthetical predilection and religiosity are preserved and passed on trough time, each time contributions from cultures passed by this land were absorbed: Greeks and Romans, Byzantines and Venetians, Spanish and French, even Saracens and Turkish; each of them left something.The most famous recurrence is Madonna della Madia’s Day, on the 16th December sunrise, which is commemorated and expanded on the 15th august for a large group of Monopoli citizens who live abroad. A large crowd of believers and sightseers pay homage , in the magic atmosphere of the old harbour, to the Byzantne icon that landed to Monopoli seashore on a raft in 1117. Also interesting is Santi Cosma and Damiano’s Day commemorated on the first weekend of June. A large number of barefoot believers carry their statues during the procession. They are dressed up with dark clothes, bearing long and heavy candles, lighted in sign of devotion and thanksgiving for the mercy received. The calendar is full of festivals and anniversaries all the year long.