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Civilta' del mare


Sea culture

Here the nautical tradition is alive and present in the historical trawlers, in the harbor and its gozzi ( small fisherman’s boats), in the callused hands of the shipwrights, in the infinite fisherman’s look, but above all in that recovered sense of community, always renovating itself in the seafaring roots. The harbor, integrated into the urban fabric, serves as joint between the old town and the city. It is a multipurpose port of call, dedicated both to trade (fishing and various materials) and tourism. Boatyards are also in the port area, that’s why it is easy to chance on the building of a small or medium size hull. Ancient crafts like shipwrighting live together with a highly technological design and realization industry. The bond the city has with the sea is celebrated through sports too: in sailing, thanks to an active section of the Italian Naval League; in rowing, due to one of the oldest Italian rowers’ club, and more: scuba diving in renown biodiversity sites, fishing tourism on board the boats belonging to the historical Monopoli fleet.