Monopoli - Città Turistica
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Monopoli based on old seafaring traditions roots (commercial and fishing port,shipyards,yachting) has really old origins. The first settlement was a huts village known also by Mycenean sailors, and founded during the Middle Bronze Age (XV century b.C.) around a complex landing system that included also a deep inlet-port, sanded up by Normans in 1049. A messapian village was built on the proto-historic one and surrounded by huge perimeter walls in which Romans placed a monumental door that is now included into the XVTh century castle. The village became very important during the whole Medieval period. According to the sea charts Monopoli harbour was so important as Bari and Brindisi too. It was conquered by Lombards and then it was subjected to the Byzantine power as well. In 1044 Normans conquered it. Since 1266, as many other villages around it was controlled by the Angevins. Since the XVith century, many battles were between Spanish and Venetian armies in order to dispute the control of the town, that they alternatively besieged . One of the most glorious event of Monopoli history was the defeat of Marquis del Vasto, don Francesco Ferrante D’Avalos, commanding officer of all Spanish armies who after Florence and Siena plunderings, he led a 5000 soldiers army who besieged the town for three useless months with an heavy gunfire which consequences are still evident on the wall in via Cadorna. On the 28th may 1529 the marquis del Vasto had to break the camp. In 1530 the emperor Charles the Vth became the owner of the town. Later, it was bought by a merchant from Messina. The town was managed to buy its freedom when an amount of money was gathered by all Monopoli inhabitants.