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Monopoli - Il porto


The name Monopoli derives from the Greek words - Monos and polis – that mean the only town. Definition that is still true. It is a unique town indeed. In fact, it preserves an undamaged charm that derives from its history and  traditions; nowadays the charm is renovated thanks to the vitality of its activities- agriculture, industry, fishing- and tourism as well. It has 50.000 inhabitants nearly, settled on the Adriatic coast, on the southeast it’s 43 km far from Bari. It is twinned with Lugoj (Romania) and Lyss (Svizzera). It is linked with – Polignano a Mare and Conversano on the north -west; Castellana Grotte on the south-west, Alberobello on the south and Fasano on the south east. It is placed on a 156 kilometers area from the seaside to the hills. It reaches 408 metres (upon the sea level) and it stretches along 15 km of  flat and ragged coastline with various creeks and long sandy beaches. Its coat of arms consists of three white roses above the red background by which Frederick the IInd from Sweden awarded the town thanks to its loyalty during Gualtieri di Brienna siege in 1207.