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Biblioteca Comunale "Prospero Rendella"

  Because of safety standard repairs,

the public library “P. Rendella” is now closed.

A former Spanish barracks, then Town Hall and  the town theatre finally. Thanks to senator Luigi Russo it is a Public Library dedicated to “Prospero Rendella”, the best-known jurist from Monopoli (1553-1630) whose nickname was “Amico delle Muse” (a friend of the Muses), an extraordinary aristocratic man, symbol of the Renaissance in the southern Italy. The façade stands out onto the venetian Garibaldi Square.


Biblioteca Comunale P. Rendella



Numero Unico
(agosto 1959)

Numero 1
(16 gennaio 1960)

Numero 2
(16 febbraio 1960)


"La Stella di Monopoli" (the star of Monopoli) journal

The first issue of the journal "la Stella di Monopoli" is dated back to the month of August 1959. Here, you can take a look at many issues of the journal that are preserved at the Public Library, as the following:


Galleria fotografica